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About Us

Just a guy and his dog living life one walk/play at a time. I love dogs/pets (gotta touch em all) and a helping hand once-in-a-while is all you need.

I don't have a dog-walking degree but I do have a dog. As a dog owner I "get it" - Marley is my best friend! Not only the best home companionship ever, we  also walk/run/backyard play/park play many times a week so he kinda helps out the cardio.

My goal is to be helpful...to animals and to the owners. If I have the spare time to help you out.....I will try my best.


Walking, Pick up/Drop off, Backyard play, Dog park visits and all services take place Monday-Friday between 8am and 4pm BUT …. anything can be asked. We want every dog to be a happy/healthy dog.

A smile from your pup puts a smile on you!Each time I take your pet out, I try and get a good pic (or 2) or a video of our adventure - makes the work day that much better πŸ™‚

Our Services


We all need to expel some energy once in a while and a walk may not do it … let’s go to the park!!! I will take your dog to Kettle Creek Dog park or my own backyard for some play for up to an hour of running around.


You can’t be everywhere all the time. If you have grooming appointments, Vet appointments, dog playdates or anything else that needs your pet to get somewhere – we can do it.


Up to two dogs from the same household, exercise the dogs, return them home, refresh the dogs’ water bowls, give treats (with clients’ permission) and send a quick email or text with photo to let the owner know how the walk went. (up to 60 mins)


Just a quick stop in to help save you some time and bring a smile to your dogs face.


Does your pet LOVE car rides? Marely does. Change up the day and let your pet have the wind flap those ears!!A simple 15 minute car ride may put a smile on your dogs face for hours


While caring for your pet, here are some examples of things that can also be done. If you don’t see it…ask. House sitting (waiting for cable guy example), Feeding, Administer medications, Water changed/refreshed, Playtime/Exercise, Pet waste disposal, Newspaper/flyers and mail brought in, Put out/take in garbage carts, Inside/Outside plant watering, Treats (with owner permission),Other security measures so that your home looks lived in such as: Turning lights on/off, blinds or curtains opened & closed… and all the love and attention your pets can handle!

Our Pricing

Starting pricing is below but is always negotiable as every situation might be different.
My goal is to be helpful...to animals and to the owers. If I have the spare time to help you out.....I will.


Prices start at $15

  • Walk around block/area
  • Take to Kettle Creek Dog Park
  • Up to 60 mins
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Prices start at $15

  • Take for a car ride
  • Pick up/drop off to/from
  • a scheduled appointment.
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Prices start at $15

  • Waiting on a package/cable guy?
  • A quick drop in to make sure all is well with your pet and house.
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Contact for Price

  • What do you need to make your pets life easier that day/week?
  • Ask, and it maybe can be done
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All services take place

Monday – Friday: 8am-4pm

BUT …. anything can be asked.

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My goal is to be helpful...to animals and to the owners. If I have the spare time to
help you out.....I will try my best.