Starting pricing is below but is always negotiable as every situation might be different.

My goal is to be animals and to the owers. If I have the spare time to help you out.....I will.


Dog Park/Walking

Prices start at $15

Walk around block/area

Take to Kettle Creek Dog Park

Up to 60 mins

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Go for a ride/Pick Up/Drop Off

Prices start at $10

Take for a car ride

Pick up/drop off to/from a scheduled appointment.


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Drop by/Pet Check

Prices start at $10

Waiting on a package or the cable guy?
A quick drop in to make
sure all is well with your
pet and house.

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What do you need to make
your pets life easier
that day/week?

Ask, and it maybe
can be done 🙂

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Happy dog = Good Day

Your puppies face here! If you like, I will take a pic or 3 each time I visit and will send to you during our "adventure/couch relax/walk". Refresh your work day with a smile from your pup :)

Can I help you and your pet?
We can meet each other (with or without Marley) and see if we are the right fit for your dog.